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PR XL-700 Spot


Moving Spot 700W

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XL 700 SPOT PR-2700
XL 700 uses a 700wts short arc discharge lamp enhanced by its high quality and super efficient optical system.

Key Features:
- 700W discharge lamp
- CYM colour mixing + 6 dichroic colour filters + CTO filter(3200K)
- 5 rotating gobos +7 fixed gobos (all easily interchangeable)
- 1 replaceable bi-directionally rotating animation wheel
- Motorized zoom 12° ~ 34° (8- or 16-bit)
- DMX controlled, 2m~ infinity, linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit) focus
- Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S
- Linearly adjustable dimmer, iris and the bi-directionally rotating prism
- Auto Pan/Tilt position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism.
- Ultra-quiet and smooth operation with advanced control technology
- An energy saving design and the cooling system
- Fault diagnosis system by sensors
- Friendly LCD menu, fixture setup without main power
- Isolating protection when ground is not connected
- Fast and easy installation, maintenance.

Standard Accessories:
G clamps, 2 pcs 5-pin XLR connectors,1 set
Safety cord, 2 pcs

Optional Accessories:
O clamps, 2 pcs

Technical Data:

Power Supply:
PR-2700: 100/120/ 200/220/230/240V AC, 50 /60 Hz, electronic ballast
Power Consumption:

Light Source:
PHILIPS MSR Gold 700 SA/2 DE discharge lamp
(7,500K, 56,000 lm, 750hrs, Socket SFc10-4, double ended)
Or OSRAM SharXS HTI 700 W/D4/60 discharge lamp
(7,500K, 59,000 lm, 750hrs, Socket SFc10-4, double ended)

Optics System:
Reflector: cold mirror coated and for multi-facet and infrared saturation
Lens: high quality multi-coated lenses

Colour System:
Linear CYM colour mixing system + macro + CTO filter (3200K)
1 colour wheel with 6 dichroic colour filters plus white

1 Rotating Gobo Wheel:

5 interchangeable gobos (glass or metal) + white, indexable and bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds (8 or 16-bit)
1 Fixed Gobo Wheel:
7 interchangeable gobos + white, bi-directionally scrolling at variable speeds Gobo "shake" function, “Morphing” effect

Animation (Effect) Wheel:
1 replaceable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds

1x linear lens, 1x3-facet prism, and bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds, 1 frost filter
Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit)
Iris: 10~100% linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit), macros
Strobe/Shutter: double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S

Control and Programming:
Control: DMX512, RDM, Self-test mode
Channels: Short Mode: 20, Standard Mode: 24, Extended Mode: 31

Head Movement:
Pan 450º, Tilt 270º (8- or 16-bit)
Auto Pan/Tilt position correction, adjustable Pan/Tilt speed

Physical Features:
Housing: composite plastic (IP20)
Net Weight: 30Kg Gross Weight: 40Kg

Packed Dimensions: PR-2590/PR-2590M : 590mm×680mm×715mm
Packed Quantity: 1PC



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