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Martin Rush Multibeam 2

Mutlibeam LED Effect

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Tuoteno: 940505


The RUSH Multibeam 2 is a versatile effect light featuring two moveable LED bars each with 5 individually controllable narrow beams for powerful mid-air effects. It punches out 10 intense and narrow long-throw beams and features electronic dimming and strobe effect. Multibeam 2 comes with preprogrammed macros for easy effects, master / slave function as well as DMX or sound activation.
- Powerful and intense multi-beam effect
- Two moveable bars with narrow long-throw beams
- 10 individually controllable 10 W RGBW LEDs
- Electronic dimming and variable strobe
- Master / slave function
- Preprogrammed macros
- DMX or sound activated
- 3 & 5 pin XLR

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