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Peilipallo 75 cm


Korkealaatuinen peilipallo

Varastossa. Toimitusaika n. 7-10 päivää
Tuoteno: 716075


This mega mirror ball in professional quality has a staggering diameter of 75 cm! A mirror ball of this size is a true eye catcher in large clubs and at large events.

The robust plastic core is covered with countless small mirror facets and features a continuous shaft guaranteeing a high tensile strength. The mirror ball also includes two eyelets allowing for attaching both the fastening chain and the required fall protection.

  • Mirror ball with a stable fiberglass core
  • High stability due to integrated axle
  • Exact alignment
  • Genuine glass mirror facets
  • Installation eyelet
  • Additional safety eyelet for safety chain
  • Color: Silver
  • Diameter: 75 cm
  • Weight: 16.53 kg
  • Delivery without motor
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