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LED Sphere & Cube Controller


Decorative light-emitting LED Sphere & Cube controller, (30 cm)

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€100,56 /kpl
Tuoteno: 41140-H


The controller for the LED Sphere and the LED Cube can control up to 12 pieces (LED Sphere or LED Cube). The controller has several built in programs, which can be run automatically or by music. The controller can also be controlled by an extern DMX controller. In DMX mode, the controller can be set as 4 channel DMX (all 12 LED Sphere or LED Cube will run simultaneously) or by 48 channel (all 12 LED Sphere or LED Cube can be run separately).

Power Supply: 240V/110V
Power Consumption: max. 150W
Dimensions: 483 (19") x 95 x 133 (3U) mm
Weight: 3,76 kg

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