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Showtec Flexstrip Set RGBW

300cm - RGBW

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The Flexstrip Set RGBW combines RGB color mixing with warm white LED's in order to have a 4 color color-mixing. This ensure perfect white tones, vivid color changes as well gives you the opportunity to control pastel color tones. This makes it to a perfect solutions for numerous decorative lighting applications.
The Flexstrip Set RGBW comes including IR remote, power supply and controller.
LED: 5050 RGBW, 30 LEDs per meter. 
Length: 300 cm
Power consumption: 26W
Power supply: 12V, 2A 
PCB color: White, 12mm wide
Beam angle: 120 degrees
IP Rating: IP20
Included: Controller, IR remote, Power supply
The Flex-Strip Set should not be used in sealed or hot places. Always mount on an aluminium or metal surface for best heat dissipation.