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Showtec Digital Flexstrip Set


500cm - RGB - Multifunctional

Varastossa. Toimitusaika n. 4-7 päivää
Tuoteno: 42773-H


• Plug and play
• Impressive and versatile backlight
• 164 programs built in.
• Simple to operate

Create impressive and versatile backlights with this plug and play Flex strip with cool built in patterns and flows. All patterns and
effects can be controlled by the IR remote controller (included). The set is ready to use and comes including remote controller and power supply. The Digital Flex Strip has self adhesive 3M tape on the back for easy mounting.

LED: 5050RGB
Length: 500cm
Power consumption: 30W
Power supply: 12V DC 2A
PCB color: White 10mm wide
Beam angle: 120 degrees
IP Rating: IP20
Included: Controller, IR remote controller, Power supply.

The Digital Flex Strip Set should not be used in sealed or hot places. Always mount on an aluminium or metal surface for best heat dissapation. It is not possible to extend the strip.



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