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LED Strip-KIT Sound Controlled

500cm - RGB - Sound Controlled


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flexible PCB (white)
contains 150 high brightness LEDs (type 5050)
RGB controller with different programs:
fixed colour
animated programs
sound-controlled programs
controlled through infrared remote (incl.)
common anode:
black wire: ground
red wire: 12 VDC
can be cut every 3 LEDs (10 cm)
power supply included
IP rating: IP61
coating: silicone
colour: red-green-blue
wavelength: red: 615-630 nm, green: 520-530 nm, blue: 465-470 nm
power consumption: 23 W (red 8 W, green 7,5 W, blue 7,5 W)
viewing angle: 120°
LED spacing: 33 mm
can be cut every: 3 LEDs (10 cm)
power supply: 12 VDC / 24 W (adapter included)
dimensions: 5 m x 10 mm
weight: 480 g