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HQ Tennis Videogame Building Kit


Bygg-själv komponent kit

Ei varastossa
Tuoteno: 938531


Fräck byggsats där du själv löder tillsammans samtliga komponenter. När du har gjort klart allt enligt ritningen så har du ett analogt tv-spel med spelet Tennis.

Lite info:

Play the all time favorit and addictive tennis game
Each player has his own bat with rotary potentiometer for ultra fast bat movement


  • 5 single player levels
  • 5 two player levels
  • 3 ball angles
  • Smash function (press button the moment the ball hits the bat)
  • Audio output
  • Only the server can score points


  • Composite video out
  • Brightness control
  • Audio output
  • PAL or NTSC selection
  • 2 onboard AA batteries (not included)
  • Consumption only 7mA
  • Auto power down

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