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Loudspeaker technology handbook


Loudspeaker technology handbook in German

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Loudspeaker technology handbook
By Friedemann Hausdorf, 160 pages, 8th revised edition. This manual explains in an easily understandable manner the key aspects of loudspeaker technology, provides formulae for simple calculations with examples, offers numerous instructions and practical hints for building one's own high-quality loudspeakers. Apart from behind-the-scenes details about how professional crossovers are designed, explanations are also given of how DIY enthusiasts can use computer-based simulators to develop their own loudspeakers.
Some of the contents:
The physics of sound
Loudspeakers driver fundamentals
Technical data and measuring methods
Sound distortion
Combined speaker systems
Transmission types (enclosed, bass reflex, bandpass, TL, horn) Crossovers
Building speaker cabinets
(only in German language available)



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