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Protector 3-channels

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Cable Crossover with lid load bearing capacity per typical tyre imprint (20 x 20 cm): 5 tons. Crossover lengths are joined by individually available connector plugs. Each crossover is supplied with one pair of connector plugs. The lid closes down onto a patented "interlock zipper" (EU Patent No.: EP1366550) which is moulded into the base and lid - no Velcro to tear off or clog with dirt. A complete range of accessories expands the Defender III into a flexible system to protect your cables and multicores.

- Basic module with approved and patented interlocking lid
- Lenght: 100 cm
- Width: 60 cm
- Height: 7.3 cm
- Channels: 3
- Width (Channels): 52 mm, 45 mm, 56 mm
- Height (Channels): 49 mm, 50 mm, 49 mm
- Flame Class: B2 (also available in B1 flame resistant)
- Load bearing: Approx 5 tons per typical tyre imprint (20 x 20 cm)
- The Cable-Crossover is oil, acid & petrol resistant
- Operating Range: -30°C up to +60°C
- DEKRA certified - Certified product safety

Label your cable crossovers! Customise the Defender cable crossovers with your company logo for orders ex 30 pieces for each product. You will find the format requirements in the download pool above the text.



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