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Juotinasema VTSSD3



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-Isolated power supply: high-quality 32Vac transformer designed for lead-free soldering/desoldering
-Digital readout for both the soldering and desoldering iron
-Temperature stability: tip temperature accurate to within ±3°C (6°F)
-Spike-free circuitry: zero voltage switching and fully grounded design make this unit safe on electro sensitive devices
-Electronic temperature control: adjustable temperature without changing tips
-Vacuum switch: suction is controlled by a finger-actuated thyristor circuit conveniently located on the desoldering handle
-Iron assemblies: detachable soldering (ergonomic mini handle) and desoldering irons for easy use and repair
-Pump: a self-contained diaphragm vacuum pump engineered to provide continuous and maintenance-free operation
-Heater and sensor fail detection
-Energy saving mode



mains power: 230Vac
heater: 100W / 32Vac
vacuum pump operating voltage: 230Vac mains power
temperature range:
soldering: 150-480°C (302-896°F)
desoldering: 300-450°C (572-842°F)
dimensions: 280 x 190 x 135mm
weight: 6.5kg

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