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Pioneer PRO-250FLT


Case för 2st CDJ-350 och 1st DJM-250 Röd

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Lightweight, durable and custom-made for 2 CDJ-350s and 1 DJM-250, the PRO-250FLT flightcase is the best solution for pro-longing the life of your Pioneer DJ kit.

The PRO-250FLT is custom-made in the UK and constructed using high-quality materials to maximise protection and comfort when carrying. DJs can also perform straight out of the flight case utilising the external cable access.

- Pioneer DJ branded
- High grade aluminium profiles protect all exposed edges
- Bright plated fittings including recessed butterfly catches
- New style, soft-feel carry handle
- Die cut polyethylene/polyurethane foam insert for equipment protection and support
- Built-in covered cable management area
- External cable access by means of rubber membrane to rear of case.

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