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Visaton Waveguide-torvi


Waveguide horn 15x22cm

Varastossa. Toimitusaika 2-3 päivää
Tuoteno: 937284


15 x 22 cm Waveguide of high-quality plastic for 25 mm tweeters. The exponential enlargement provides a high sound pressure level gain in the lower high frequency range, which discharges the tweeter. In addition, the focus and the coupling to a woofer are improved, because the sound generation planes move closer together.

For the connection of the tweeter 4 pieces M4 screws (length approx. 10 mm) are added.

Suitable for:
937263, Visaton G 25 FFL
937262, Visaton KE 25 SC
937265, Visaton DSM 25 R

Technical Data:
Cutout diameter125 x 185 mm
Net weight190 g
Cutout diameterD = 38 mm

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