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Horn Adaptor - 1" Small Format Bolt On Driver to 1" Screw-in Horn

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This adaptor converts a 1" exit bolt-on compression driver to fit a 1" screw-on fitting horn.
NOTE: Before purchasing, please measure the pitch circle diameter of the compression driver with which you intend to use this driver. 
Whilst most 1" exit compression drivers use the larger 57mm PCD three-bolt or 76mm two-bolt fixing, some smaller format compression drivers will require use of the PC-20 adaptor
Horn fitting: 1" throat screw on, 1 3/8" UNEF thread
Driver fitting: 1" throat bolt on (2 or 3 bolts)
Three fixing holes on 57mm PCD
Two fixing holes on 76mm PCD
Overall diameter 89mm
Height 25mm
Material: Cast Aluminium


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