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Horn Adaptor - 1" Small Format Bolt On Driver to 1" Screw-in Horn

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The PC-20 is designed to allow compression drivers with 1 inch (25.4mm) bolt on style exit diameters to be used with horns that feature standard 1 inch (25.4mm) thread on style throats. This adaptor converts small format 1 inch bolt on drivers to fit 1 inch screw on (1 3/8" UNEF)style.
NOTE: Before purchasing, please measure the pitch circle diameter of the compression driver with which you intend to use this adaptor. 
Most 3-bolt fixing compression drivers use the larger 57mm PCD, and will require use of the PC-35 adaptor
Driver fitting: 1" throat bolt on (3 bolts)
Horn fitting: 1" throat screw on 1 3/8"
Material: Cast Aluminium
Overall Dimensions: 68mm x 24mm
PCD 47mm


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