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Supra Sublink 1RCA-1RCA / 4m



Varastossa. Toimitusaika 2-3 päivää
Tuoteno: 940621


Sublink-RCA Ice Blue
SubLink-RCA Mono Sub-Woofer Cable
For connection between receiver and active sub-woofer (mono). Low capacitance and high interference immunity make longer cable runs possible, which most often is the case for sub-woofer connection.
Provided with SUPRA RCA-6 connectors.

Mechanical Specifications
No. Cond: 1   
Application Examples: Mono Sub Woofer   
Cross Sec. Area: Cord   mm2/AWG
No. Wires: 19   
Wire Dia: 0.127   (mm)
Wire Material: Sn pl. OFC   
Conductor Insulation: PE   
Screen: Aluminium/ PET-Foil   
Jacket: Heat & PVC Ageing Resistant   
External Size: 6.0   (dm)
Weight: 48   (mm)
Length/Bobbin: 100 / 328   (m / ft)

Electrical performance
Resistance: 72 (Ohm/km)
C 52 pF/m
Velo Factor 0.66c 0.5-100kHz



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