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Supra 2x6.0 mm


Speaker Cable 2x6.0mm

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Application examples: Bi-wiring, bi-amp, high-power system also longer lengths. PA systems (major orchestra systems for live shows at local or arena) and discotheques are some examples where major leadership areas are necessary.
SUPRA Classic
The Supra Classic series incorporates the original, the first "real" speaker cable, which turned upside down on an entire industry that hitherto considered a 2 x 0.5 mm2 lamp lead to be sufficient.
Today, the Supra Classic is made of high-flex cables with tin-plated copper conductors of a purity of 5N (ie better than 99.999% pure copper). In addition to the anti-corrosive tin, the insulation consists of a special ion-resistant PVC that further helps cable wires from impacting noise corrosion even in demanding environments such as cars and boats. The tin further contributes to the sound by being a barrier and reducing the "current jump" between the cardels in the conductor, as well as reducing the physical sensitivity to the skin effect, i.e., higher frequencies preferably select a path in the conductor closer to the surface. The Classic series covers HiFi and home cinema installations in the middle of the range. Until you dare to test any of the finer cables from Supra ...
Available in dimensions from short lengths in low-power systems, up to coarse conductor areas for long lengths and high power. The series also serves as dual cabling in bi-amp or bi-wire for your speakers. In addition, there are variants that are flame retardant and halogen free. These are called; Classic / H FRHF. Available in blister packaging as well as on reel meter reel.
What you as a customer will experience
The Supra Classic is a balanced cable in the price range of clear quality enhancement in resolution and timing, as well as a tonal direction in the slightly warmer direction.
Technical Info
Lead area: 6.0mm2
Number of Leaders: 2pcs
Number of cardels per leader: 756pcs
Cardio diameter: 0.10mm
Cardboard material: Tin-plated acid-free copper
Exterior insulation: Heat and aging resistant PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Outer dimensions: 5.5 x 11.2mm
Weight: 154g / m
Electrical characteristics
Resistance 2.9 Ohm / km
Inductance 0.59 uH / m



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