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Dynavox Pre Speakercable 5m


Premiumset copper cable from Dynavox. 2x5m

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Dynavox high-speaker cable set 2 x 5m. Premium-quality speaker cable. Internal conductor 
OFC copper centre conductor (6x40 wires per channel), line resistance 3.8 Ohm / km. 24K gold plated with changeable 
Bolted connectors (lugs and banana plugs). Cable diameter approx 13mm, wire cross-section 
2 x 2.5mm ², nylon outer fabric, high density, internal structure of the insulation in sandwich construction (materials 
PVC, PET, PET paper, LDPE and PP) for maximum noise reduction, High-Quality strain relief 
Stick-injected dielectric materials for maximum signal strength. Packaging in High-Quality cardboard with window



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