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Sangean MMR88

Compact emergency radio with charging via dynamo technology and solar cells

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Small compact s.k.a. "Emergency radio" can be recharged with dynamo technology, you crank by hand and recharge the battery, or alternative charging via built-in solar cell to listen to the radio.
You can also get a light if no electricity works, via the built-in lamp. Also has the option of Morse Signal via the lamp built-in function.
Speaker signal - for emergency alarms or call attention.
Save Electricity - Finally a really Powerful Radio - Power Consumption 0 - How ?? Well, Dynamo technology recharges the built-in battery by cranking, as alternatives are also solar cells built in for battery charging. You can charge it via a power outlet and power adapter.
- Powerless Dynamo Radio with built-in rechargeable battery
- Built-in Speaker 1.5 "
- FM / AM Radio with 19 speed dials
- Digital LCD Panel
- Alternator - Rotary handle for battery charging
- Built-in solar cell for battery charging
- Clock with 90 minutes sleep timer
- Lamp for charging indication
- Emergency lamp built in with flashing for SOS morning, or regular lamp
- Emergency button signal
- Dynamo Charging arm
- Moisture resistant
- Hand strap included
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- Extendable Telescope antenna
- USB socket for battery charging of t.e.x. Smart-Phone
- Headphone jack
- USB jack
- Can also be powered by Power via AC adapter (accessory)
- instruction manual included
- Dimensions Width 15.2 cm Height 8.36 cm Depth 6.98 cm
- Weight 392 grams