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Lenco L90X


High quality and retro look with a good pick-up from AUDIO TECHNICA

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The Lenco L 90 is made of wood and looks like the classic Lenco models from the 70's.
The wood version is in walnut also the classic 70's.
L90 gives you the ability to convert your VINYLSKIVOR to MP3 files for your computer.
Your entire collection can become digital.
This thanks to simple connection via USB to your PC.
The L90 also has built-in preamplifier.
This allows you to connect your L90 to a music system,.
which has no input for gramophone.
Wood design in walnut.
USB connection to PC for transfer to MP3 files.
Built-in preamplifier RIA amplifier.
2 speeds 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.
The turntable is powered.
Auto stop.
Pick up of Moving magnet type.
Antiskating function.
Semi-automatic turns off when the disc reaches the final track.
The counterweight for balancing the tine arm is adjustable.
Aluminum slab scale full size 332mm.
Pick-up scale is loose, which eliminates the change of pick-ups.
Plastic protective cover for the hood itself (hood).
Compatible with.
Windows VISTA home and higher, Windows 7 home and higher.
OS X 10.4 and above.
MINI USB port 2.0.
Line Out (RCA).
Needle and pick-up.
Audio Technica ATN3600 Moving Magnet
Software for PC transfer of vinyl discs to MP3 files.
Support on the web.
Power supply AC 100-230 volts.
Power Consumption Max / Standby 10w / 1w.
With the cover open 450 x 367.5 x 400 mm.
Closed lid 450 x 367.5 x 130 mm.
Without cover 450 x 367.5 x 120 mm.
Weight the player 5,43 kg.
Weight including package 6.9 kg.



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