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Lenco L3808


Direct-Powered, Built-in RIAA Steps and USB Support

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Lenco L3808 is a direct-drive vinyl player with built-in RIAA step, professional design and USB port that allows you to record your favorite discs directly to your computer!
Updated classic
Lenco L3808 comes as an updated version of the L-3807 great seller with a modern touch: the ability to record directly to the computer! With a built-in RIAA preamble, the audio is recorded directly in the player. You can then send the signal directly into the computer's external audio recorder program via the USB port. We at Hembiobutiken recommend the free audio programs Audacity or Reaper for digital recording.
Full-fledged player
The Lenco L3808 can play discs right out of the box, with both tone alarm and supplied removable MM pickup. The built-in preamble ensures that you can connect the L3808 directly to your receiver's RCA input for smooth playback and have a switch to phono signal.
- Integrated RIAA steps
- USB port for recording
- Directly powered
- Mounted moving magnetic needle microphone (MM pickup)
- 33/45 RPM
- Stereo RCA Outputs
- Accessories: Lock, Tone Arm, RCA Cable, USB Cable
- Dimensions: 450 x 139 x 350 mm
- Weight: 5.3 Kg



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