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IMG Stage Line IPA-20

HiFi power amplifier modules,

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HiFi power amplifier modules,

mono version with different output power. A 12V DC voltage (max. 18V DC current ) is required for operation.

Common features

- Short-circuit proof
- Thermic overload protection
- Reliable power amplifer IC technology with low THD

Other features

of IPA-20

- Bridge circuit (BTL)
- Muting circuit (no on/off switching noises)
- Internal speaker protection against DC and AC voltages

RMS output power: 15WRMS/4 ohm, 12WRMS/8 ohm
Music output power: 20WMAX/4 ohm, 16WMAX/8 ohm
THD: 0.1%/12W
Output impedance: 4-8 ohm
Frequency range: 20-20,000Hz
Input impedance: 70k ohm
Input voltage: 80mV
S/N ratio: > 70dB
Quiescent current: 100mA
Power supply: 8-18V DC current /1.7A
Dimensions 64x42x57mm
Weight 95g

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