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Yamaha CD-C600 /B


5-disc CD player with PayXchange, Black

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Party on with the five-disc Yamaha CDC600 multi-disc CD player.
Multi-disc playback with PlayXchange
Perfect for parties and non-stop playback, the Yamaha's five-disc carousel keeps the music playing. Even better, Yamaha's PlayXchange means you can open the tray and change disc - whilst the music is still playing! Much higher quality than streaming MP3 or AAC files, a multi-disc CD player is still a great way of playing back quality music, without pause.
High quality sound
A high quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) and sophisticated circuitry with short signal paths ensure top quality sound. As you'd expect from this leading audio brand, the sound quality is both crisp yet natural.
USB connection
As well as the multi-play CD, another great feature is the front-mounted USB socket. Plug in your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 device and you'll benefit from using the high quality DAC built into the Yamaha - it also saves on the need for an iPod dock. The CDC600 will also happily playback CDR/CDRW discs and even MP3 and WMA formats.
Sound quality and convenience combine with the non-stop music making Yamaha CD-C600.
Cd Memory: Yes
Cd Number Of Discs: 5
Cd Text: Yes
Cdrw Playback Compatible: Yes
Coaxial Digital Input: No
Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 435 x 405 x 116
Gapless Playback: Yes
Optical Digital Input: No
Optical Digital Output: yes
Power Consumption- Normal Use: 16
Power Consumption - Standby: 1
Remote Control: Yes
USB: Yes
Weight (KG): 6




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