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Advance Acoustic MCX-400


CD player

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The MCX 400 CD player combines a superb presentation to perfect technical accuracy.
Even if the performance of the amplifier and speakers of your hi-fi system is excellent, these devices can not reproduce more information than what is provided by your source. In order to obtain better musical performance, each source in our range has been designed according to extensively researched technical solutions.

With MCX400, nothing was left to chance, all the components are sound-friendly, its toroidal transformer is large, its converter 24bits*192 kHz designed by NXP ensures outstanding performing ability, as well as a delicate and subtle rendering of your favorite music.
The audio outpout stage is given to a preamplifier output with tube, which reproduces unique harmonic richness. It delivers the information contained in the disc with sophistication, thereby eliminating any risk of hearing fatigue.
The MCX 400 is composed of a metal frame which reduces the risk of interference in the device. The metal mechanical component is suspended in order to avoid the development of vibrations during playback.
The MCX 400 has an analog output, and two digital outputs : one optic and one coaxial.
A remote control device delivered with MCX 400 makes it easier to use.

Output level: 1,8 V
Frequency response: 10 Hz - 45 kHz
Distortion: 0,1 %
S/N Ratio: > 80 dB
Channel separtion:   > 80 dB
Outout impedance: 10 kO
Mecanism: METAL
Diode: SF-P101 SANYO
Converter: NXP SAF 784X (24 Bits x 192 kHz)
8 conductors separated: 30 W
Switching power: YES
Dimensions (BxHxD): 440x110x435 mm
Weight: 4,3 kg


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