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Klipsch Groove

Amazing portable speaker with Bluetooth from Klipsch.

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With an 8 hour battery life + Easy USB charging the Klipsch Groove Bluetooth® speaker is designed to bring big sound wherever the road takes you. Room filling sound that fits in the palm of your hand has never been more fun or long lasting. 
At Klipsch, we are leveraging 70 years of American Audio Technology, which is why we can make this little speaker sound bigger than any of its rivals. Paul Klipsch was an American icon, see why our speakers become the talking piece of any room, party, or picnic here.
8-hour Micro USB Rechargeable Battery
Crisp, Clear, Non-Muffled Sound
Splash Resistant – Protecting You from the Friend that Spills Everything
3" Full Range High Excursion Driver
Dual Side-firing Passive Bass Radiators
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Enabled



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