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Kingpin Screens VFS400-16:9

176" framed projector screen in 16:9 format

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Particularly framed frame tensioning cloth at full 176 inches for optimum image reproduction. The frame is covered with velvet that prevents any disturbing light reflections. The fabric has good and natural color and light properties. This cloth is recommended for all film fans who are looking for a guaranteed wavy cloth and want a big picture!
The doll cassette is made of aluminum and is dressed in black velvet. The sammet makes you not get unwanted reflections from the projector's lamp in the frame and raises the experience of the movie to new levels.
The fabric is matt white and made of vinyl fabric, designed to provide the best picture and color reproduction. The fabric is elastic and tensioned in the frame, thus eliminating waves. The value of the cable is 1.0.
Specifications VFS400-16: 9
Cassette size: 406.7 x 236.1 x 2.6 cm
Image display area: 390x219,4 cm
Frame width: 8.34 cm
Format: 16: 9
Size in inches: 176 inches
Gain: 1.0



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