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Epson EB-700U

Full HD-WUXGA up to 130"

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Epson EB-700U
Efficient, light projector for digital displays with a scalable image diagonal of 130 inches (3.3m) and 20,000 hours of reliable use.
  • Sustainable laser performance
  • Projections from up to 130 "/ 3.3 m
  • Full HD WUXGA resolution
  • Flexible installation
The first ultra short distance projector for Digital Signage from Epson provides a cost-effective alternative to flat panel monitors for high quality HD images in a variety of sizes. This well-developed and powerful solution creates projections of information and videos, wherever you want it.
Wake up to life - With a scalable image of 130 inches (3.3m)
This ultra-short-distance projector for Digital Signage offers outstanding WUXGA resolution with a white-brightness of 4000 lumens and a wide image diagonal of 130 inches (3.3m). The EB-700U is ideal for museums and galleries that want to use an impressive projector as part of its exhibition, or as a source of information for visitor information. In addition, it is obviously in store, in advertising or for companies looking for an ultra short-distance solution in a meeting room.
Versatile and efficient to install
The Epson EB-700U is so compact and easy that it can be installed by only one person. With flexibility and adaptability, with its flexibility and versatility, it can also be used in narrow or difficult spaces. Additionally, the Epson-700U can be rotated 360 degrees and supports high-format projets (portraits).



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