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LEEM E7 + Zachry INS-6 Paketti

Installation package that suits every environment! Includes 6.5" speakers and an amplifier with BT / AUX / FM / SD

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€173,00 /pak
Tuoteno: 942659


Super Convenient and affordable installation package that delivers great sound to an awesome price!
This installation package is for those who want to have good sound and easy sound reproduction for a great price. With this amplifier from Leem, you can play your media from all possible sources. It has Bluetooth, USB, AUX, a MicroSD reader and a FM receiver. You also have the option to use it as a Zone mixer bacause of the two mono-output channels that has separate volume controls.
Zachry INS-6 is a pair of extremely affordable speakers that fits in all kinds of environments. They have a 6.5" woofer and can tolerate sitting in cold and humid environments. The box is equipped with a 13 mm polymer treble.
The package also comes with a pack of five meters Zachry 2x1.5mm speaker cable in high quality.
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