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Wharfedale Diamond 9.6


8" Front speaker

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€513,35 /pari
Tuoteno: 938963


High-End front speaker with 2x8"

Curved braced cabinet: 
Diamond 9 has a strong, inert, curved and braced cabinet design to reduce cabinet vibration, which reduces colouration, and encourages rapid dissipation of ‘standing waves’ created from rear cone movements reflecting inside the cabinet.

Gold-plated Terminal:
Gold-plated contact areas and bridging strips allow firm connections, with offset rear terminal posts for the widest possible choice of connection options.
Crossover:  A simple crossover design can maintain phase coherency through the midrange and hence eliminate the negative effects that are introduced where driver correction is needed.

The tweeters use high power ‘rare-earth’ magnets for high resolution and accuracy. This provides the most linear and the fastest response possible response.

Cast Chassis: 
A special alloy, cast chassis design is incorporated across all diamond models to virtually eliminate rear wave reflections from the chassis legs.  This allows air to move freely through the driver and have an even frequency response with much lower distortion.

Dome Midrange: 
The dome midrange unit on Diamond 9.6 and large centre channel results in improved integration, greater drive-unit headroom, and on excellent dispersion pattern.

Bass:  8
Tweeter:  25mm tex
Power:  40-200W
Nomninal Impedance:  6ohm
Sensitivity:  90dB
Frequency:  28-24k @ -6dB
Crossover: 150Hz, 1.0kHz, 6.0kHz
Frequency FB:  30Hz
Dimensions: 247x1080x331(height on spike & plinth 1133)
Midrange:  8



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