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Wharfedale Diamond 10.5


6.5" Bass, 2" Mid-Range Dome, 1" Tweeter

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Diamond-10.5 plays amazingly well with a lovely deep base that probably no competitor matches in the price range. Many who have heard them have tipped on a much higher price tag!
The speakers are also extremely delicious to watch, with their piano-lacquered front beam and chrome details around the elements. This is a very special construction with eg. a 2 "dome as a middle register. However, be aware that this element requires its recording time, but well recorded it sounds mum!
Diamond 10 - the development of a reference
Wharfedale has reaped great success with the Diamond 9 series, which became a bit of a reference in the entry-level to more serious hi-fi level. The reviewers praised the models and the prices hailed, so presenting a new Diamond series with clear improvements would be a tough task. But Wharfedale's engineers have succeeded in launching a series that draws even more focus on an engaging listening experience. As the name indicates, Diamond 10 is really a "diamond".
Diamond 10 Series Improvements
Stronger cabinet walls:
The concept of curved sidewalls proceeds from the 9-series, but with a new technique of fastening / bending the panels consists of four different core materials, including MDF, so an even higher rigidity is achieved, which in combination with several internal braces, minimizes audible sound-degrading resonances .
Composite front baffle:
This panel is made up of a composite structure, nicely treated with a black piano lacquer. Along with the chrome-plated details around the elements, Diamond 10 gets its sleek look, but what's more important is the improved sound quality produced by reducing vibration and providing a stable platform for the elements to play on.
Upgraded midrange / base elements:
The attentive audio file will notice that the element, with a cone of woven Kevlar, has got several lying X shaped in the suspension. This is more than cosmetics, as this reduces and dampens standing waves in the suspension itself, which gives a more even acoustic rolling up in the frequency range. Something that in turn means that the transition to the treble becomes much more coherent. Another advantage is that this allows Wharfedale to use a relatively simple split filter with a phase-perfect integration between the elements.
The basket has an open construction that both reduces reflections from the back of the cone and allows the air to move freely through the driver. This gives a smoother frequency response with much lower distortion.
Reverse double base ports:
The gates have now got their position on the back of the speakers, to reduce any audible distortion (blowing noise). With the integration of dual ports, you get better control of the air movements and can fine-tune the frequency of the doors.
New tweeter technology:
A metal grille in front of the treble fills two functions. It also protects the treble, but it also contributes to a finer scatter pattern up to 30 kHz.
A neodymium magnet concentrates a strong magnetic field in the treble voice coil for low distortion. The mounting plate shape contributes with an optimized spread for better integration with the intermediate register and a more linear frequency response.
New front grill with invisible attachment:
Wharfedale has also thought about this point and made sure that the grill gets as little effect as possible on the sound when the grill is mounted. In addition, it is magnetic, so taking off the grill does not show any holes in the piano-lacquered front baffle.
Specifications - Diamond 10.5
Principle: 3-way floor model with base reflex
Mounting: 6.5 "base, 2" middle register dome, 1 "tweeter
Recommended amplifier power: 20-120 Watts
Nominal impedance: 6
Magnetically shielded: no
Sensitivity (1W @ 1M): 86 dB
Frequency range: 35 Hz-24 kHz
Upper frequency range (-10 dB): 44 kHz
Split frequency: 600 Hz, 3.8 kHz
Dimensions: 850 (H) x 223 (W) x 301 (D) mm, 880 (H) incl. Spikes




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