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Dynavox MS-2626


30mm Diskant, Dubbla 6.5" Basar, 96dB

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Don't just go for the size
With two vastly increased 6.5 "basses, whose cones are in light and stiff aluminum, these speakers can move huge amounts of air. deep base at all. These Dynavox are actually capable of playing down to 35 Hz and it is a really impressive feat. Here you can expect pure, alert and resilient bass with depth. More class simply than budget competitors!
Efficiency creates dynamism
MS-2626 has an efficiency that is more like a 96-dB horn speaker. If you set a 90 dB speaker next to Dynavox, turn on and get a power requirement of 100 Watts, then Dynavox will only request 25 Watts to play at the same level. This means that the amplifier gets more reserves in the luggage, which gives both more dynamic sparks and lower distortion in the output transistors. The speaker elements move more air with less cone flare, which also minimizes distortion here. Sounds good ?!
• Double 6.5 "basses with aluminum cones + solid 30 mm metal tweeter = vivid character and vibrant dynamics paired with neat sound
• Front part in leather imitation, sides in black box = different and elegant appearance
• Front-mounted bass port allows placement closer to the rear wall
• Sensitivity of up to 96 dB means that the MS-2626 only requires 1/4 power against a 90 dB speaker!
• High power resistance of up to 200 watts = great ability to move air with a strong amplifier
• High build quality, solid elements, powerful magnets guarantee a frequency range down to 35 Hz (!) And up to 25 kHz (!)
• Gold-plated bi-wire / bi-amp terminal = match carefully with the right amplifier and cables
• Comes with spikes
Dimensions: 910 (H) x 240 (B) x 320 (D) mm
Product weight: 26 kg / pair
Warranty: 2 year warranty



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