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Stanton T.92 M2 USB


Direct drive turntable with built-in USB interface

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Luotettavat levysoittimet niin DJ´lle Serato-aikakoodivinyylien pyörittämiseen kuin vinyylilevyjen lämmintä sointia arvostavalle koti-hifistille. Useita eri malleja erilaisiin käyttötarpeisiin.

Transform your vinyl collection into computer files—easily, safely, and efficiently—with the T.92 M2 USB turntable. Built to the highest standards, highlights include a direct-drive motor for exceptional stability, S-Shaped tone arm for minimum distortion and record wear, “key lock” for controlling tempo without affecting pitch, custom slip mat for added control, protective dust cover, and a Stanton 300 cartridge for superior fidelity. The high-quality onboard analog-to-digital conversion, with both USB and S/PDIF digital outputs, makes it easy to archive your vinyl collection using any of several free software solutions for Mac or Windows. The included DECKADANCE DVS software opens a wide array of creative capabilities for your projects and performances. Whether you’re a DJ or serious record collector, the T.92 M2 USB is the solution you need to digitize your vinyl collection.

  • Professional Quality Turntable Featuring High-Torque Direct-Drive Motor
  • Sturdy Construction for the Ultimate in Durability
  • USB and S/PDIF Outputs for Easily Transferring Music from Vinyl Records to your Mac or PC
  • Pitch Control Fader with DSP Key Lock (change tempo without affecting pitch) Selectable Range (+/-8%, 12%)
  • Includes Stanton 300 Cartridge Pre-mounted on Headshell
  • S-Shaped Tone Arm for Lower Distortion and Superior Fidelity
  • 3 Playback Speeds (33, 45, and 78 RPM) and Quartz Lock
  • RCA Stereo Outputs (Phono / Line Switchable)
  • 2 Start/Stop Switches for Mix or Battle Setup
  • Accessories include RCA Cables, Slip Mat, USB Cable, and Dust Cover
  • Full version of Deckadance DVS Software included

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