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Pioneer XDJ-AERO White


Wireless DJ-system

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The XDJ-Aero DJ Controller breaks new ground and pulls together the very best concepts for todays Digital DJ into an all encompassing package. Unlike any other controller available, the XDJ-Aero will create a secure wireless network allowing various devices to connect and share music. So streaming from a laptop, ipad or even the latest phones is possible and easy using the industry standard recordbox software. There is no need to worry about the wireless device breaking in connection either as a loop will automatically be created to keep the music playing.

High quality components are used to create the XDJ Aero and features that have been used to great effect in their digital DJ line up are available, such as beat effect, post fader effects, sound colour filter effects, sample banks, auto loops and rock solid beat quantizing. The automatic beat sync allows for all tracks to run at the bpm set on the master deck whilst the clever auto mix function will automatically mix tracks in a playlist meaning you won't get caught short! If you feel a little more creative a great new feature is introduced where samples can be trigged and manipulated by drumming or scratching directly onto the jog wheel.

Some other highly popular features are also contained in the XDJ-Aero's design such as the record to USB, as well as the ability to be a consummate Midi controller for the likes of Traktor or Virtual DJ. For total flexibility though, the unit can also be used as a mixer so connecting your CDJ's or turntables will not be a problem. The ability to be a laptop controller or a more traditional stand alone set up really makes this a great centrepiece for all current DJ's.

The finish on the Aero is what you would expect from Pioneer, a black aluminium front is set off by blue LED's and the durability you would expect from a gigging piece of kit. The built in soundcard goes up to 24bit resolution which is fantastically reproduced via the high quality circuitry on-board. All this comes in an amazing unit measuring only an incredible 64mm thick.

Anslut 4 wifi-källor
Spela upp låtar och musik som du sparat i rexordbox på din mobila enhet - helt trådlöst

Stöd för MIDI, HID och mer
Du kan också använda AERO som en kontrollenhet, stoppa in ett USB-minne med musik eller ansluta extra däck via LINE / PHONO-ingångarna.

Beat-synking och automixing
Tryck på synkknappen för att synkronisera din musik eller automatiskt mixa dina spellistor från rekordbox.

Effekter med enkla reglage
En kombination av Jog-reglage med effekter gör det möjligt att skapa ett stort antal arrangemang och mixar av din musik och inbyggda ljudkällor.

Inspelning direkt till USB
Du kan spela in DJ-mixar direkt på ett USB-minne. Dina mixar sparas i WAV-format.

Komponenter av hög kvalitet
Spelarna och mixern använder samma ljudkort med helt digital ljudbehandling. Det ger ett fantastiskt klart ljud med minimal distorsion.

2x Phono / Line (RCA) 1x Mic (1/4-tums tele)

1x Master-Utgång (1x 1/4-tums tele, 1x RCA) 2x Hörlursmonitorutgång (fram 1/4-tums tele, minitele)

Övriga terminaler:
USB-portar: 1x Port A, 1x Port B

LCD-skärm som visar musikinformation på 18 språk


Storlek och vikt:
3,7 kg - 623 x 65 x 289.5 mm (B x H x D)

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