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MixVibes U-MIX 44


DJ/Midi Interface

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The U-MIX44 is a portable USB audio interface for every audio computer user. Besides standard recording and playback functionalities, the U-MIX44 provides everything that is needed for professional music production. In its compact case, the U-MIX44 provides 2 stereo analog input and 2 stereo analog output channels with RCA connectors. It is a great tool for every DJ who owns a MIDI controller without a built-in soundcard such as Vestax VCI-100, Hercules RMX / DJ control Steel, Numark Total Control… This interface is also compatible with all major music applications like Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Reason…
The 4 inputs and 4 outputs have especially been designed for DJs for an easy set up of DVS (Digital Vinyl and CD Systems) and the stereo headphone output, connected to Channel 2, provides a professional monitoring for DJ applications.


- MixVibes DVS LE software included: control your MP3s directly from a traditional turntable or CD player, with the tools of a pro DJ
- 16-bit/48 kHz AD/DA converter
- USB 1.1 compliant
- Mic level knob
- Monitor level knob
- Line/ phono selector
- Headphone & Mic jack
- 4 Line inputs and 4 Line outputs
- RCA analog connections
- USB bus - powered, adapter-free
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 130” x 120” x 40” / 4.72” x 5.1”x 1.57”


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