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Reloop RMP-2760 USB

Rack-mounted media player

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This device is an advanced version of the extremely popular club player from Reloop's RMP series. Alongside the extensive control possibilities, full MP3 compatibility and the cheerful and clearly arranged user interface there is also, typical for Reloop, an important improvement.
Due to the USB 2.0 port it is possible to connect external hard disks or USB sticks to the player facilitating direct playback of MP3 files from the data carrier. This way it is no longer necessary to carry around MP3 CDs all the time. Thanks to the illuminated buttons and the extremely bright displays the handling becomes a cakewalk and will satisfy even the highest mixing and club demands.
MP3/USB compatible double frontload CD player with separate control unit
Two USB 2.0 ports for the connection of hard disks, USB sticks, etc. (FAT16/32 format)
Easy source select: CD and USB sources can easily be routed to both players, one USB source can also be routed to both players
Precious rubber paint finish
Large LC display for all important functions with high-contrast illumination
Pitch range +/-4%, +/-8%, +/-16% (CD +/-100%)
Pitch bend +/-16%
Key lock function
Two jog modes: Vinyl (scratch), CDJ (pitch bending)
Automatic and manual beatcounter
ID-3 TAG display
MP3 track listing
Two USB 2.0 ports for the connection of hard disks, USB sticks, etc. (FAT16/32 format)
10 second anti-shock memory
Search/scan via designated buttons
Folder search
Frame search
Instant start via 1 bit technology (8-fold)
Elapsed/remain time display
Single/continue play
Seamless loop with reloop function
Relay play
Fader start play
S/N ratio: 90 dB
D/A converter 8-fold/1 bit
Dimensions of drive: 482 x 88.8 x 262.5 mm
Dimensions of control unit: 482 x 88.8 x 94 mm
Weight of drive: 5.0 kg
Weight of control unit: 1.6 kg




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