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Pioneer DJM-900SRT


DJ Mixer

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The DJM-900SRT is a multi-functional mixer that can accommodate various types of DJs including both traditional and Serato DJ software users, ideal for a single-DJ set-up in a venue. Additionally, Pioneer’s recently announced DDJ-SP1 sub-controller is a perfect companion to the DJM-900SRT to offer Serato DJ users with additional audio samples and effects for enhanced performances.

Designed especially for use with Serato® DJ software, the new mixer eliminates the need for an outboard sound card when used in conjunction with multiple players or turntables. In addition to compatibility with the software, the mixer inherits the same features offered by Pioneer’s highly acclaimed and industry standard DJM-900nexus mixer including onboard effects and high-performance components for intuitive operability and excellent sound quality.

Professional DJ Mixer for Serato DJ
- Equipped with an Internal Serato Certified Soundcard
- Automatic Beat Sync - Effects Synced with the Beat of the Music
- High-Quality Input and Output Circuits to Achieve Accurate Audio Reproduction - Six Types of Sound Color FX

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