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Pioneer ND-BC8


Rear camera from Pioneer.

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Pioneer ND-BC8 is a first class universal camera that provides full control while driving. With the mirror image and the revised lens design, you get a more realistic and detailed picture of the area behind your vehicle.

Universal functionality
Wide Angle Picture of 129 °
Automatic light switches
310,000 pixel resolution

The built-in CMOS sensor works in such a way that it automatically presents light brightness depending on whether the camera is activated by daylight or in the dark. This means that the picture is always clear and the sharpness accurately. Thanks to a high resolution image you see any obstacles and dangers clearly maneuvering.

ND-BC8 can be connected to all the main units that have a rear camera input.

Size: 23.8 x 23.8 x 25.5
Weight: 186g (including cables)
Cable length: 10m (3m + 7m)



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