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Echomaster CAM-KIT11

2.4GHz 4.3 "Back camera system

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The system is adapted for both 12 and 24 volt systems. The camera is equipped with IR diodes to be able to see even in the dark. The camera also supports parking lines to help make parking perfect. The camera is rated in IP69 which makes the camera very durable for moisture and lady etc. The kit contains several different attachments and accessories to make the assembly as smooth as possible.
Sometimes routing wiring all the way from the screen in the front, to the camera in the back of your vehicle just isn’t practical, especially for larger vehicles like motorhomes, trucks or trailers. Our wireless CAM-KIT11 solution combines a 4.3” monitor with a robust reversing camera to provide almost instantaneous image replay over a distance of up to 50 meters.
High quality screen
Different mounting options for both screen and camera supplied
Easy to install (cigar lighter plug for monitor and +&- for camera)
Works in 12V and 24V vehicles
Camera transmitter antenna built into the wiring loom (not visible from outside)
IP69 water and dust protected camera





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