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Clutch kit for amplifiers up to 550 watts

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This complete clutch kit for amplifiers up to 550 watts includes power, ground and signal cables as well as a fuse, fuse holder and electrical connections. The copper-plated aluminum cables ensure excellent signal flow without interference for long-lasting and high performance of your amplifier.
General specifications
Power handling: 200 watts RMS - 550 watts Max
Power and ground wire gauge: 8AWG
Remote turn-on wire gauge: 18AWG
Fuse rating: 40A
Fuse type: AFS
Operating temperature range: -20 ° C - + 80 ° C
Power wire length: 5 meters
RCA audio cable length: 5meters
Ground wire length: 5 meters
1 x yellow power cable. 8 AWG, 5 meters
1 x gray earth cable, 8 AWG, 5 meters
1 x blue remote wire, 5 meters
1 x 2 channel RCA audio cable, 5 meters
1 x 40 A fuse
1 x fuse holder
6 x cable tie
3 x contact sleeves




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