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Zenec ZE-3215


2-Din. BMW

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The Z-E3215 is a smart specialist, specifically developed for your BMW. The specific construction, amber button illumination and customized styling of the front panel makes ZENEC’s top naviceiver blend in perfectly with the various BMW 3 series models.

The Z-E3215 is also effortlessly integrated into the existing automotive electronics. The E>GO is linked to the steering wheel remote control, the Optical Park System (OPS), and the Climatronic control status via the vehicle-specific CAN bus interface. The functionality of factory installed components remains intact.

- 6.2"/15.7 cm 16:9 TFT-LCD touchscreen with HMI for 22 different EU languages
- FM RDS tuner with DSP noise masking and 30 preset stations (18 FM/12 AM)
- 1 x IR-remote control

- Steering wheel remote control integration via CAN
- Optical Park System (OPS) integration via CAN*
- Climatronic control status integration via CAN*
- BMW power system integration
- Amber key illumination

* Functionality only provided if feature specific CAN data is present.

- 3D High-Definition splitscreen navigation
- Multi sensor dead reckoning for accurate navigation performance (without GPS signal)
- SD card based navigation system (on 8 GB memory card)
- Premium POI bundle with over 6 million points-of-interest
- TTS Pro voice guidance for 28 different spoken languages
- Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, Tunnel-View, 3D Auto-Zoom for crossings and roundabouts, Real Junction View
- Eco and Smart Route Planning, Calculation of Real-Time Route Alternatives, Parking Around Algorithm, Detour Hint function etc.
- Outlook address import, Driver Alerts etc.
- TMC and TMC Pro receiver
- 30 Days Latest Map Guarantee

- DSP audio processing for background noise masking
- Synchronization of up to 1,000 phonebook entries with 5 numbers per entry
- Advanced phonebook contact search function
- Voice control of phonebook contact dialing functions in 8 different EU languages
- Selectable internal or external BT microphone

- USB hub allocating three USB 2.0 memory devices (each up to 64 GB)
- Compatible USB file formats: MP3, WMA, AVI, Xvid
- Gracenote “More Like This” for USB audio source and “one-click” generation of playlists by selection of one track
- BT-music streaming via A2DP with AVRCP 1.4
- DSP crossover with HPF / LPF function
- 4 x 40 watts amplifier
- 24 bit D/A converter
- Made for iPod / iPhone

4.2 RCA preamp line outputs (4 V)
1 x RCA A/V-input (CVBS)
1 x RCA video input for rear view camera (CVBS)
Connectivity for touchscreen compatible DAB+ or DVB-T devices




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