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Zenec ZE-2014M


2-Din. VW Models

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The Z-E2014M is a smart specialist, specifically developed for your VW. The specific construction, the white/red button illumination and the customized styling of the front panel make ZENEC’s top naviceiver blend in perfectly with various VW models.

The Z-E2014M is also effortlessly integrated into the existing automotive electronics. The E>GO is linked to the steering wheel remote control, the Multifunction Display (MFD+), the Optical Park System (OPS), and the Climatronic control status via the vehicle-specific CAN bus interface. The functionality of factory installed components remains intact.

-  6.2” / 15.7 cm 16:9 TFT-LCD touchscreen with HMI for 22 different EU languages
- FM RDS tuner with DSP noise masking and 30 preset stations (18 FM/12 AM)
- 1 x IR-remote control

- Steering wheel remote control integration via CAN
- Multifunctional display (MFD+) integration via CAN*
- Optical Park System (OPS) integration via CAN*
- Climatronic control status integration via CAN*
- Dynaudio soundsystem integration
-  Selectable key illumination: red/white
* Functionality only provided if feature specific CAN Data present.

- 3D High-Definition splitscreen navigation
- SD card based navigation system (on 8 GB memory card)
- Premium POI bundle with over 6 million points-of-interest
- Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, Tunnel-View, 3D Auto-Zoom for crossings and roundabouts, Real Junction View
- Eco and Smart Route Planning, Calculation of Real-Time Route Alternatives, Parking Around Algorithm, Detour Hint function etc.
- Outlook address import, Driver Alerts etc.
- TMC and TMC Pro receiver
- 30 Days Latest Map Guarantee

- Parrot Bluetooth hands-free module
- DSP audio processing for background noise masking
- Synchronization of up to 1,000 phonebook entries with 3 numbers per entry
- Advanced phonebook contact search function
- Selectable internal or external BT microphone

- USB port with 80 cm extension cable for USB 2.0 memory devices (up to 64 GB)*
- Compatible USB file formats: MP3, WMA, AVI, Xvid
- Gracenote “More Like This” for USB audio source and “one-click” generation of playlists by selection of one track
- BT-music streaming via A2DP with AVRCP 1.4
- DSP crossover with HPF / LPF function
- 4 x 40 watts amplifier
- 24 bit D/A converter
- Made for iPod / iPhone

* Separately available: accessory set Z-EACC-HUB, consisting of a USB hub with 120 cm extension cable for up to three USB 2.0 memory devices (each up to 64 GB) and iPod/iPhone interfaces.

- 4.1 RCA preamp line outputs (4 V)*
- 1 x RCA A/V-input (CVBS)
- 1 x RCA video input for rear view camera (CVBS)
- Connectivity for touch screen compatible DAB+ or DVB-T devices*

* Separately available: accessory package Z-EACC-AV for the connection of DVB-T/DAB+ tuner models and amplifiers




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