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Zenec Z-E3726


Zenec multimedia machine for Fiat Ducato Camper. Custom software for mobile homes

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€1045,00 /kpl
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The Z-E3726 is an innovative and advanced motorhome navigation system specifically developed for the FIAT Ducato, Citroën Jumper, and Peugeot Boxer. The Z-E3726 blends in perfectly with the original look of your vehicle, and can be conveniently controlled from the highresolution 7“/17.8 cm touchscreen display.
With the Z-E3726 you are able to experience an amazing range of entertainment options in your vehicle. Thanks to its new multituner system, you will get crystal clear radio reception, including for DAB+. The built-in CD/DVD drive and a USB port (with 0.8 m extension wire) on the backside of the device will allow you to play the latest audio and video formats. A 4 x 50 watt amplifier complete with DSP suite (equalization, time alignment and vehicle presets) ensures optimum sound quality.
The powerful Bluetooth module from Parrot, now with database support, gives you easy access to telephone functions and music streaming.
With its EU map package with 44 countries, the CampingSchaf POI package and more than 6 million Premium POI, the Z-E3726 guides youreliably and safely to any destination. By choosing a vehicle profile and entering vehicle-specific data, you can plan any route more effectively.
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