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Zenec Z-N326


2-DIN car stereo 4x45W, USB, Bluetooth, MP3, HDMI

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Tuoteno: 944233


Preamp outputs 4.2 (3 V)
Camera In 2 x video input or 2 x camera input
HDMI 1 x HDMI input
Amplifier 4 x 45 watts
USB 2.0 port 2 x on rear panel
An innovative multimedia system for many models of vehicles - The Z-N326 is a 2-DIN Smartlink direct infotainer with a capacitive touch-sensitive 6.2 "/ 15.7 cm TFT display.
The controls on the front of the device have been deliberately reduced to give you complete intuitive control of the touch sensor interface.
The FAV sensor bar on the left side of the device and the ALT button on all menu pages can be assigned which feature you choose - to give you instant access to your most important features at any time.
Z-N326 offers modern mobile use of current Android or iOS-based smartphones.
With the "Smartlink Direct" feature, you can connect your smartphone directly to the Z-N326.
The screen contents of your mobile phone are then mirrored on the ZENEC infotainer interface.
While apps using iOS need to be controlled via iPhone, Smartlink Direct allows the double-protocol Android-based smartphones to directly control all features of the Z-N326 touchscreen, including the use of the free satellite navigation * featured on the smartphone.
However, the Z-N326 is also a modern entertainer:
For media playback, there are two USB ports with extension cable to handle the latest audio and video formats.
The FM-RDS receiver with high sensitivity guarantees outstanding radio reception under all conditions.
For optimal sound, you have a 4 x 45 watt amplifier and a 10-band graphic equalizer with different audio settings.
The modern Bluetooth device from Mediatek gives you a hands-free system that is completely stress free, easy handling of contact favorites and convenient A2DP music streaming.
* If you are using a smartphone, it is not enough set hub devices, at a reasonable price, you can retrofit the Z-N326 to a top navice receiver: The ZS-N326-SDFEU MicroSD Card is available as an option containing the latest ZENEC NextGen navigation software with map coverage of 47 European countries An extensive user guide is shipped with the device. 2-DIN SMARTLINK INFOTAINER



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